National (holi)days, special events and to do's in The Hague!

On this page you will find an overview of all international holidays and other international days, special events and to do's in The Hague. Regularly we will post a blog with our tips and top 5 nice restaurants, lunchrooms and other nice things to do in The Hague. 


Enjoy a lovely day in the Japanese Garden. This showpiece of Clingendael Estate is open for a short amount of time this spring. Be quick and enjoy the beauty this spring! 

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Celebrate on the 6th of May International Day of Laughter with a smile! 

 National Liberation Day is a day of celebration

National Liberation Day is on May 5th and we celebrate that we live in freedom in the Netherlands. We celebrate that in 1945 we were liberated from the German occupation in Europe and the Japanese occupation in Asia. That the Second World War with war and oppression is ended.

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 National remembrance day

On the 4th of May is our National Remembrance Day here in the Netherlands. The Dutch flag is at half-mast and at 20:00, there will be a two minute silence for those who have fallen during World War II and wars thereafter. There are multiple ceremonies all around The Netherlands. Most well known one will be on the Dam in Amsterdam, where our King and Queen will be present to pay their respects. Everything will be publicly showcased by Dutch news channels and multiple locations will keep to the 2 minute silence at 20:00 in the evening.

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