Letting questions

When a date has been agreed for the key transfer, the home must also be ready for handover on that date. This means that the house is completely clean (hotel clean standard), all lamps work and all other items such as windows, doors, locks and hinges, faucets and the apparatuses function well. In addition, existing kitchen appliances must function correctly and the boiler must have been recently maintained.
With furnished rentals, the beds have to be made, all furniture neatly in the right place and all personal and unnecessary items to be removed. Furthermore, all available equipment must be correctly connected and functioning. The house must be fully ready to be occupied by the tenant without him / her having any hassle. 

Call or email us for a free appointment! The meeting will take place at the property that you would like to rent out so that our experts can give a fair valuation. During this appointment, one of the ladies of our team will be present and we explain our way of work and adjust this to your wishes. We would also like to tell you what we can do for your real estate to realize the best R.O.I. When all information and wishes are shared, the service contract can be adjusted and signed accordingly. The apartment / house is then included in the portfolio of Jenter Real Estate and the ladies will do their upmost best to find a suitable tenant.

Following the viewing, the interested party can make a proposal for renting the property. In the proposal, the potential tenant will mention the following:

  • Start date of rental agreement and key handover;
  • Duration of stay;
  • Price agreement or proposal for rent;
  • Additional comments and wishes. Think of the use of the storage and parking space (if present) or adaptation in the furniture or other inventory (other than that which was present at the viewing).
  • A short description of his- or herself;
As soon as you have received the rental proposal, the negotiation with the potential tenant has started. It is desirable to respond within 3 working days. A counter-proposal is also possible. Jenter Real Estate likes to think along with you to come to the best agreements and to record these contractually.

An introduction and so a meeting with the potential tenant is possible. Jenter Real Estate always gives a profile of the interested party, so that you get a clearer picture of whom has viewed the property.

When an agreement has been reached, Jenter Real Estate received documentation to set up the tenancy agreement.

If the person is employed, we receive:

  • Copy of their passport;
  • Current employment contract;
  • Employers statement;
  • Last three payslips;
  • Bank statement over the last 3 months (where wages have been deposited);
  • Name and address details;

A company can also rent the apartment for its employee. This often happends with expats. 

With a business rental we receive the following documents:

  • Copy of the occupants passport;
  • Copy of the employers passport (as stated in the Chamber of Commerce documents);
  •  Annual documents from the past 3 years;
  • Name and address details;

Finally, an embassy can also rent a property for one of its diplomats. In that case, Jenter Real Estate receives the following documentations:

  • Copy of the occupants passport;
  • Copy of the Ambassadors passport;
  • An official statement that the embassy rents the property, and achnowledges that it is responsible for the property and its payment obligations. The declaration must bear a stamp and signature of the ambassador. 
After the key handover, and so check-in, a permanent contact person is known to the tenant. This means that the tenant can contact this person (a.k.a. the property manager) with questions, comments and emergencies. If the management is in the hands of the lessor, he will be the contact person. The ladies of Jenter Real Estate regularly take over the management for the owner and will then act at the main point of contact for the tenant. For more information about this service and the management of housing, you can take a look at our management information page. We are happy to assist you.
An expatriate (or abbreviated: expat) is someone who often lives and works abroad for a temporary period because of work (usually by a company or organization). Expats are often seen as ideal tenants, since they often work for large, well-established company and will not stay in your home for a long term due to the temporary nature of their stay. Expats, however, have higher requirements and need more guidance than the average Dutch tenant. Consider, for example, providing an explanation about the depositing of garbage and requesting utilities or parking permits. In addition, expats often need more explanation about the operation of the thermostat and other household appliances. The ladies of Jenter Real Estate can take over these additional activities with expats as tenants for you. We would also like to inform you about the advantages and disadvantages of renting out to expats.

In addition to the signed order for service, Jenter Real Estate needs the following documentation:

  • Copy of the landlords passport;
  • Ownership certificate of the house;
  • Energy label and associated energy certificates;
  • Name and address details;
  • IBAN accountnumber with ascription; 

Property management

In short: yes we can! We are specialized in property management and with years of experience we often have on the spot sollutions, and so no third party will need to be involved. This keeps the costs for you as an owner lower!

We also preform fiancical management. And, amongst other points, we keep an eye out and receive the rental payments for you, make invoices when the tenant is a firm, and make sure that all rental payments are preformed promptly. 

For more details, please click here. 

After the key handover, the tenant can contact the contact person / property manager with questions, comments or emergencies. The details of this contact person are stated in the rental agreement. This is generally the owner of the property. It is also possible that Jenter Real Estate takes over the management of the owner's home. In this case, Jenter Real Estate will act as contact person for the tenant during the entire stay. The ladies will then, among other things, answer all questions and solve emergencies on the spot.

Rental questions

Jenter Real Estate is open from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 till 17:30. During our office hours we can plan in a viewing. Are you still abroad? Dont miss your chance on a great property. Viewings using Skype, WhatsApp video and Face Time are also possible with our agents. We have flexible way of work and are happy to assist. We are ready to support you in finding your perfect home away from home.

In the rental proposal you have indicated the desired date of the key handover. This can be on any day in the month. If the lessor agrees with this date, then this date will be taken into account and we will make sure that the property is ready pre your arrival.
The answer to this question is no. The lessor has the right to refuse the renting of his property to the interested party and can so decline your proposal. Accepance of a tenant is not only dependent on the rental price. Other terms and conditions play a role in this as well. We are happy to assist you in this and you can always contact us if you would like to have more information.
When filling in and sending the bid form with the accompanying documentation, it is important that you fully support this choice. Once a proposal has been sent and you receive a confirmation of receipt by Jenter Real Estate, on behalf of the landlord, this is a negotiation between you and the landlord. Canceling the proposal at this stage is not possible. By agreement of this proposal by the landlord of the property, an agreement on the terms have been made and the lease will be drawn up. If there is a counter-proposal from the landlord, it will be communicated to you through email. If you cannot find yourself in this counter-proposal the negotiations will have ended. You as potential tenant will not have to rent the property. 

If you are interested in a property after the viewing and would like to rent it, you can submit a proposal to rent the apartment / house. After the viewing you can send an e-mail to us so that you can express your interest and receive a bid form from us. In the bid form you can find the following points that would need to be filled in:

  • Date of the key-handover; 
  • Duration of stay;
  • Confirmation of the requested rental rpice or a rental price proposal; 
  • Additional comments and wishes. Think of making use of the storage unit or the parking space (if present) or adaptation in the furniture of other inventory (other than that which was present at the viewing);
  • A short description of yourself.

Once we have received the bid form filled in and completed together with the required documentation, we will send the confirmation of receipt. With this the negotiations between you and the landlord have started. The landlord then has in turn 3 working days to give a response. However, when Jenter Real Estate receives feedback earlier, you can expect it directly from us. 

Great, an agreement has been reached! The ladies of Jenter Real Estate like to think along with you to complete your file. Whilst filling in the bid form, you have also received the general information form, filled it in and return to use along with the required for documentation. When all documents have been received, a check / screening will take place. When approved the rental agreement is drawn up. You will receive this contract by email along with the invoice for the first payment. The process of setting up the lease with accompanied invoice can take just a few days.
On the invoice, the payment of the first period is mentioned. This consists of the first month’s rent, a deposit which is often equal to one months rent and administration fee. The invoice needs to be complete before the key-handover takes place on the specified date of the bid form, and thereafter the rental agreement.  

Every situation is different. For now we have categorized them in three categories as seen below: 

When employed:

  • Copy of your passport
  • Employment contract
  • Recent pay slip (not older than 4 months)
  • Pay slips of the past 3 months
  • Bank statements of the past 3 months
  • Previous landlord statement

When self-employed:

  • Copy of your passport
  • Recent extract from the Chamber of Commerce (Dutch translation: Kamer van Koophandel/KVK)
  • Annual figures over the past 3 years
  • Recent pay slip (not older than 4 months)
  • Pay slips of the past 3 months
  • Previous landlord statement

When maing use of a financial sponsor and being a student / intern: 

  • Copy of your passport, as being the client, and that of your guarantors
  • Filled in General Information Form by client and guarantors
  • Required documents from your guarantors as stated above by the 'when employed' or 'self-employed'
  • Filled in sponsorship form by your guarantor (every client needs at least two guarantors)
  • Proof of study / internship / enrollment
  • Previous landlord statement 

Jenter Real Estate will charge administration fee to the tenant. The aministration fee cover the costs for the administrative handeling of the rental. Consider, for example, the drawing up of a lease agreement and making of the invoice. Also checking and processing of the documention from the candidate. In addition, we are present during the key-handover with a check-in report consiting of an inventory list, state of repair and photo document with meterreading. This ensures that there are no misunderstandings on the day of your departure. The administration fee is a once off  payment of €350,- including 21% VAT and is billed within the first invoice. 

A deposit is required as a financial guarantee for the landlord. The lessor can use the deposit if you, as a tenant, do not comply with the agreements in accordance with the signed rental agreement. For example, the landlord can use the deposit to repair damage that has occurred during your stay. The deposit may also be used to compensate cleaning costs or over usage of utilities. In addition to this information, it is useful to know that the deposit may never be used as the last month's rent.
The tenant can expect the final settlement and the amount of his deposit within 2 months after the key transfer and his departure. Of course, the relevant parties do their best to ensure that the settlement of the deposit takes place as quickly as possible. However, it all depends on how the property is left behind during after your departure. The more that needs to be restored / cleaned, the longer it will take.

The start date of the lease agreement also constitutes the date of the key handover. Are you interested in entering the house earlier when the house is also available earlier? Then the documentation and invoice will be adjusted accordingly.
This information is stated within the rental agreement. In general, the owner of the house is the contact person and will act as property manager. However it is also possible that Jenter Real Estate carries out the management of the property and so will be automatically your main point of contact. If you have any questions, comments or there is an emergency, you can contact the person mentioned on the rental agreement.