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Rental agent for full service lease in The Hague

Want to rent your property care-free? That is possible! Jenter Real Estate has a broad network of expats, multinationals and Embassies, and will match the right tenant for your home.

We will broadly advertise your estate on multiple online platforms such as Pararius,Funda, Xpat Rentals, and many more. We will also present your property on social media platforms and promote them within the right targeted groups.

The ladies of Jenter Real Estate are up to date with the current market and so advice on the best possibilities to achieve the most profitable return on investment. Further we are well aware of the current legal legislation and law-making. This way we can guide you sufficiently through the whole process. And of course we treat every home as if it is our own!

Without any further obligations, we would like to make an appointment at the property to personally meet you. We can then inform you about our services and can give you advice on the various possibilities with an indication of the rental price.


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Temporarily going abroad? Or is there another reason as to why you would like to rent out your property for a fixed amount of time? This kind of lease is also possible at Jenter Real Estate!

There are even two possibilities for temporary rental. You can rent on the basis of the Vacancy Act (in Dutch: Leegstands Wet) or rent through a short-term lease agreement with a maximum of two years. Through the Vacancy Law, there are a number of rules and regulations you need to abide by. For example you must have the property for sale during this time and you as owner need to apply for a permit at the municipality.

Contact us directly if you are interested in more details or look at our page 'frequently asked questions’ to see if you can already find your answer there.

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