Property management

Technical and financial property management

When you own a house or apartment, it must of course be well maintained. This is not only to preserve its value, but it is also a must that your home remains of high quality when you let it.

In addition to the technical management, there is of course much more that needs to be looked into when it comes to real estate management. Consider, for example, the entire administrative process, the annual rent increase and the handling of finale inspection and key-handover at the moment a tenant leaves again. These are all things that are often not considered when talking about management. In addition, you must be available 24/7 and often it is expected of you to solve problems or answer questions from the tenant swiftly and with ease.

Entrust the management of your home and the ladies of Jenter Real Estate will ensure that the property is managed in a professional and transparent manner.

We offer management in different packages. Compose your management package yourself based on your needs. Do you only want help with the administrative / financial part, the technical management or would you rather let yourself be completely unburdened? Below an overview of our different packages.


Financial/Administrative Management

  • Send monthly rental invoices to private and company tenants;
  • Collecting of monthly rental payments with the additional financial settlements;
  • Provide the owner with periodic administrative overviews;
  • Monitoring of rental payments and rent arrears;
  • Sending of reminders and (if need be) make use of the full collection procedure up to and including the use of a bailiff;
  • Making payments with the consent of the owner;
  • Taking care of rental increases and associated written notifications;
  • Administration and settlement of utilities bills;
  • Administer and oversee terminations / renewals;
  • Return of the deposit including all settlements;
  • Contact point for tenants and owners regarding financial or administrative questions;


Technical Management

  • Conducting inspections when changing of tenants and drawing up inspection reports, including photo report;
  • Carry out inspection during maintenance complaints;
  • Perform periodic and preventive inspections if desired;
  • Handling complaints maintenance;
  • Issuing maintenance proposals;
  • Quotation requests, assignment and inspection of preformed work;
  • Control submitted notes;
  • Take care of deliveries of work and warranty obligations if present;
  • Concluding maintenance contracts in line with the market;
  • Supervision of good compliances with maintenance contracts;
  • Resolve technical failures;
  • Coördinate maintenance orders;
  • 24/7 Contact point for tenants during emergencies;


Financial Overview

For carrying out the various management activities we charge a percentage of the monthly rent. If you choose to have the complete management to be arranged for you, the ladies of Jenter Real Estate will provide you with a discount on the rates. We would also gladly make customized arrangements to so fit every need. Get in touch with us today!

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